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Thank you very much. We had a wonderful time sailing. It was a great experience for the kids and even though the wife was hampered by her foot, she too enjoyed it. As for myself and the guys, it is always a great time. We have been a team together for many years and always have a great time.

The boat was fantastic. What I expected and more. Very sorry about the handle,that was a genuine bad luck situation. I trust that by now you have reordered and paid yourself for it. I tried to find one in Grenada but could not find the identical one.

Sean has sent me some photos of Cunnung Plan all secured for the season, I think just to make me miss my homeland and always missed sealife, more than ever.

Many of our friends are now very interested in seeing our photos and hearing our stories, so you never know, it could be that I contact you again re another such trip, maybe on a cat??

All the very best, good luck with the hurricane season, hopefully uneventful for you there. Again, on behalf of our group, thank you for a great time.

Paul & Midge Zambory

Onamia, Minnesota..USA

We had our 37' Catamaran under DSL Yacht Charter Service for 4 years. They have a very knowledgeable service crew and both Ulli and Sandra are the nicest people to deal with. Since selling our yacht and moving back to Minnesota, we have chartered a 'Cat' from them on three different years. One year they did not have a 'cat' for us so we chartered one from a company from an Island to the south. What a disaster, to put if briefly, that companies maintenance program could not hold a candle to Ulli. It is our plan to to Charter next February (2014) if things go well.

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